Easy-Going Exercise

Casual sports and activities

Sports are a way to have fun and stay fit, whether it be alone or in a group. Teens and adults alike can have hectic schedules that leave them little time for joining a sports team. Playing or learning a new sport at home can keep a person entertained and healthy, whether inside or outside.

Running is a simple activity that only requires a pair of tennis shoes and a willingness to get active. For those who prefer to stay close to home, this can be done within one’s own neighborhood. For those who enjoy exploring and pushing themselves, running can also take place in a park or any other place with an accessible path. Unlike typical activities, running does not have any rules, allowing its participants to set their own pace. Low stamina can be managed with the run-walk method, where one sets an amount of time for running and walking, alternating between each for the duration of the trip. This can be a helpful method for beginners, as it decreases fatigue and allows for the leg muscles to recover, all according to nytimes.com.

Offered year-round at many facilities, swimming can be non-competitive for those who prefer a casual activity. In the warmer months, an outdoor pool can be used to exercise while spending time in the sun. In a situation where someone does not have access to an outdoor pool—or when the season begins to get colder—an indoor pool can also work. Indoor pools can be found at many recreation centers, according to sportsrec.com.

Swimming offers a less grueling alternative to sweaty, overheating activities. It keeps one cool while allowing them to exert themselves. One of the benefits of swimming is that it can teach breathing techniques and control, according to sportsrec.com.

For those who wish to stay in their backyard, soccer is an entertaining option for a recreational sport. Soccer typically requires little equipment. Alone, one can play with only a ball and a net, working on dribbling and scoring. For more competition, one could invite friends to play with them. Soccer can help build endurance and speed through running after the ball, along with other skills such as coordination, teamwork and strength, according to betterhealth.gov.

Yoga is a type of exercise that incorporates stretching, breathing and meditation. Yoga styles can range from gentle, relaxing exercises to physically demanding positions that require focus and flexibility, according to nccih.nih.gov. A yoga mat is highly recommended for yoga, along with water to stay hydrated. Beginners to yoga can find many tutorial videos on Youtube for advice on specific positions.