Five Extreme Sports


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While this sport is simple, it is still very extreme. Players get inside giant inflatable balls, usually made of plastic and race by rolling down a hill at almost 30 miles per hour. Races can vary by hydrozorbing, where the balls are filled with water and the player can slide around inside, according to The sport originated in New Zealand, but it has spread across America, the United Kingdom, Europe and Japan. If zorbing sounds like a fun activity, Zib Zorb has zorb balls for rent in Hermann, Mo. 

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Street Luge


This sport takes speed to the extreme. In fact, a street luge player named Mike Mcintyre was the first person to reach over 100 miles per hour, according to Street luge is a sport of racing down large hills on a skateboard-like board that people lay on. Most street luge boards don’t have brakes, according to While street luge sounds very exciting and fun, it is very dangerous. Basic necessities for street luge players include a helmet, leather motorbike suit, gloves, pads and braces and special shoes with a sandpaper-like material glued to the bottom to be able to brake at high speeds according to

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Jumping stilts



This sport takes the idea of Moon Shoes to the extreme. These jumping stilts are about three feet tall and can launch people six feet high, according to The springs in jumping stilts are strong enough to make people take nine foot strides and run upwards of 25 miles per hour, according to These fun shoes cost around $200 to $300 according to and can be used anywhere you want to run and jump. These stilts will make anyone feel taller and faster as soon as they put them one.

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Everyone in the world has practically seen videos of this extreme sport; parkour. According to the World Freerunning and Parkour Federation, parkour originated as a training program for french special forces and expanded into the flips and jumps that have gone internet famous today. This sport can be very dangerous as the buildings and walls get taller and farther between each other. This sport is not for those afraid of heights or potentially falling to their deaths. 

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Ice climbing



While the other extreme sports require warmer weather to enjoy, this one thrives on the cold. Ice climbing has become a competitive racing sport that is so popular that it is being attempted to be included in the 2022 winter Olympics in Beijing, according to the International Climbing and Mountaineering Federation. Speed races for ice climbing can be done on ice walls as tall as 15 meters. This sport requires pure strength, speed, strategy and determination to come out on top.