Broadening Horizons

Tips for expanding interests


Photo by Nada Qasem

A creation from the food’s class “Cupcake Wars.”

As time passes, some may feel the urge to find something new. It may feel difficult at first when learning to discover an exciting interest or idea, but it can be worth it in the long run. Finding new passions can be discovered by following these tips.

Make a list
An easy way to get started is by making a list of things that are fascinating to the individual. This list can consist of anything from simple ideas to something completely out of the ordinary. Some examples include painting, baking and even rock climbing. Finding new passions means getting out of one’s comfort zone and trying things that may not be easy to do right away or may even be scary. Even if an experience does not turn out to be a passion, it is still worth trying and can lead to finding something else, all according to

Learn new skills
Many passions start with finding a new skill to learn. Looking for something new to learn can lead to doors of opportunity, whether it be in school or work. In addition, some may find unknown potentials that they did not know existed. This can cause an individual to figure out where they want to go with their life. The benefit of learning new skills is that they can be tried out for a few days to see how it feels. There are also many classes that can be taken for all kinds of skills, all according to

Traveling can give a new perspective on the world. There are many cultures in the world, and learning about them can spike an interest. Some of these interests may be more common in other places, such as certain types of singing or art and other activities like goat yoga or hiking in more difficult terrain. Interacting with other people and learning about their cultures can allow a person to explore what they do and reflect on their own culture, all according to

Revisit old interests
Another easy way to start discovering passions is by looking into the past. Many people have things they were interested in when they were younger but slowly forgot about as the years progressed. Going back to these ideas and trying them again can cause the passion to come back. Besides physically doing something, exploring imagination, whether it be in the present time or from the past, can lead to finding something fun to do or creating something new, all according to