Time to Stand Up

Iranian citizens protest against hijab law


Photo by Taymaz Valley, flickr.com

Iranian women grouping together in protest against the government.

On Sept. 13, 22-year-old Mahsa Amini was arrested in Tehran, Iran, because she was not wearing a hijab correctly. In custody, it appeared that Amini was beaten to death, while the police claimed that she died due to a heart attack. When news of Amini’s death spread, the protest against the law of women having to wear hijab started to emerge, all according to bbc.com.

In April 1983, Iran passed a law that stated all Iranian women must wear the hijab and fully cover their hair. This law is also required for foreigners and non-Muslim women. The punishments for not wearing the hijab are imprisonment and fines, according to theconversation.com.

Protests consist of women in the streets taking off their hijabs or cutting their hair. They also chant the words “woman, life, freedom.” Not only are women protesting the law, but younger generations and men are rising up, according to bbc.com.

Because of ongoing protests and lawbreaking, Iran’s authorities have arrested around 14,000 people, according to cnn.com. Another result of the protests is that many people who are involved have been getting injured or killed. The Iran Human Rights group has come out and said at least 234 people have been killed so far, yet police deny any harm to the protesters. However, there is footage being spread on social media platforms showing police brutality and protests, all according to bbc.com.

Even though people are being arrested and killed in Iran for protesting against this law, the protests still go on. Turning towards social media to spread awareness, women in Iran are fighting back to not only avenge women who have been taken down by police but also to be free from the law.