Trash Reimagined

The Spanish class recycling project


Photo by Kenzie Peterson

Many different items can be recycled and even reimagined into something else.

In Spanish III, students took recycling to a new level and created projects out of trash. As the assignment was up to students to interpret, many came up with very different and unique creations. From bird houses to jump ropes to vases, these students were able to successfully reimagine recycling.

“For the project, I used an old Starbucks coffee bottle and painted it blue to create a flower vase,” senior Hannah Sherman said. “After we were all finished with our projects, we got to walk around and see all the art from the Spanish three classes. It was cool to see what everyone made.”

This project was a quick way to introduce a new perspective on recycling, as most students only took 30 to 45 minutes to complete it.

“I made a jump rope with plastic bags and duct tape, which probably took me about 30 minutes,” senior Ellie Shockley said. “I thought it was fun. Mrs. Meder even used my jump rope to demonstrate to the class.”

These projects were unique because the students did not need to run to the store to get supplies; they could be done using the trash at home that would otherwise be thrown away.

“I used trash from my house including a juice bottle, bottle caps, muffin boxes and cardboard pieces,” senior Abbie Colebank said. “For the project, I made a robot statue. I enjoyed making this project because it was something different than what we normally do. It was interesting to see others’ creativity while also learning another language.”