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Hot chocolate is the best holiday drink

When the weather gets colder, many people reach for their favorite winter foods. This can include many soups, warm cookies or honey baked ham, but the most iconic and delicious of all winter treats is hot chocolate.In a poll of 100 West students, 88% voted for hot chocolate over eggnog. Hot chocolate is clearly a fan favorite and therefore earns first place for best winter drink because of its popularity and its deliciousness.

Hot chocolate has been around for many years. Early Aztec warriors drank a hot cacao drink to prepare for battle because of the high-calorie content and electrolytes. Aztec leader Montezuma II was rumored to drink around 50 cups of hot cacao a day. The drink was also popular during the Revolutionary War, as dying soldiers were served hot chocolate by medics, all according to The impact of hot chocolate on history shows how truly iconic this holiday favorite has become.

“Hot chocolate is my favorite,” junior Alexis Beals said. “It’s an essential winter drink and I love how warm it is on a cold day.”

Many health benefits can also be linked to drinking hot chocolate. According to, a study in the United Kingdom found that hot chocolate contains many antioxidants, as well as vitamin A, vitamin D and calcium which can all help prevent cancer and other harmful diseases.

“There’s so many different flavors and options for hot chocolate,” Beals said. “I love it.”

Hot chocolate is the best choice for your winter beverage because of its health effects, popularity and historical impact. Whether you top yours with whipped cream or marshmallows, add peppermint flavoring or hazelnut, hot chocolate is a seasonal staple and the best winter drink.