Keeping Organized

Tips for balancing a healthy school life

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As students begin settling into the school year, it can be common to feel scatterbrained or simply all over the place. Making sure to stay on top of a healthy school-life balance can be important; here are a few tips on how to do so.

Time Management
Time management is key when it comes down to getting homework completed. There are numerous ways to manage time like making a schedule, having a weekly to-do list, setting goals and deadlines for assignments as well as breaking large tasks into smaller components. Procrastination can be easy to give into, so remembering to stay on task can be important when working on assignments, according to

Beware of too much stress
Stress can tend to take up a majority of the time if not careful. While that stress or feeling under pressure can be motivating, too much can result in stress overload. Stress overload can be seen in anxiety, depression, mood swings or even physical symptoms such as headaches and stomach issues. To avoid this, students can take small breaks to help remind them to take care of themselves. Doing activities that are found to be enjoyable such as reading and listening to music, can also help relax the mind, all according to

Maintain a healthy lifestyle
Keeping a healthy lifestyle outside of school can allow students to feel more situated and in control. Without such, it can cause one to feel more disorganized than before. Healthy habits such as eating, staying hydrated and exercising are a few of many. Even just making priority with self-care can go a long way. Some ways to maintain self-care are limiting screen time, meditating or spending time on a hobby, all according to

Manage outside conflicts
Learning to manage outside conflicts may be difficult, but it can be easier with a few tips in mind. Staying focused on the task at hand instead of what is happening around can be beneficial to keeping stress levels down. Try not to let school interfere with spending quality time with friends and family since worrying about what is not being done can create more anxiety and overthink, all according to