Celebratory Eats

The Senior Barbecue


Photo by Maisy Garrison

Senior Class Officers handing out the food

Senior spirit week comes to a close with the Senior Barbecue every year.

“Senior spirit week has been really fun,” Senior Class Officer Samantha Dyreks said. “We’ve all been dressing up and seeing everyone else dress up, it’s been great seeing everyone’s ideas.”

With a combination of senior crowns and senior spirit week, Friday was long-awaited. The senior class officers spent a long time making sure this day was special.

“Making the crowns was a whole process. We spent over 30 hours painting all of them,” Dyreks said. “It was a bonding experience for us. It brought us all closer and allowed us to get to know each other better.”

The long-awaited meal included three different types of the main course: hotdog, burger, and a veggie burger option. The senior class officers handed out the food, while Assistant Principal Christopher Mincher helped grill the food.

“I’m so excited to see the senior class wearing the shirts we designed,” Dyreks said. “It’s our first big event as seniors.”