A New Normal

How the West community is coping with COVID-19



A graphic displaying social distancing orders.

Many students dream of a three-month break from school in the middle of March, but COVID-19 has shown this absence is anything but typical. With new regulations coming out daily confining people to their homes, cabin fever can become a growing problem.

“Adjusting to staying home every day has been extremely difficult,” senior Mary Hamilton said. “I would describe myself as extroverted, so not being able to interact with people other than my family has been a struggle. The hardest part of all of this is that none of us were really expecting it, and because of that, we didn’t get a chance to say goodbye.”

For seniors, it can be difficult missing out on what adults have always said are the best memories of their lives. With the final days of high school in the past, events like prom and graduation are still in question. Although new dates have been set, it is up in the air whether regulations will allow for large gatherings in the near future.

“Memory making in high school is vital,” Hamilton said. “Every moment in school has been precious to me and not knowing if I will attend my senior prom or graduation is terrifying.”

Seniors are not the only students struggling with missing out on milestones. Juniors who have taken AP classes all year are hoping for a way to finish what is arguably the most important grade level in the college application process on a high note.

“Most of my time, I’m doing schoolwork,” junior Alyssa Sutherland said. “When it comes to AP classes, I’m still gonna take my exams. They will be at home, and there won’t be a writing section, so I’m planning on studying and trying to get a four or five for college credit.” Whether it be the inability to interact with students or communicating curriculum solely online, teachers are also facing hardships.

“It’s been really strange adjusting to this new normal,” history teacher Kayla Rodgers said. “I miss my students so much, and it can be difficult to motivate them, or anyone, from afar. I have a great group of sophomores, so even when I’ve scheduled early morning Zoom meetings, I’ve had a pretty good response. It’s been great getting to see so many faces after such a long few weeks away from school.”

Overall, the Covid-19 pandemic has set many obstacles in the way of students and staff. Although the future is uncertain, people are adjusting to the current new normal.