Changing the System

How National Honors Society is adjusting to COVID-19 regulations


A graphic depicting change.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, it can be difficult for clubs to continue progressing. Without the capabilities of meeting in person and completing service projects, leaders have to get creative on how they can stay relevant. National Honors Society is one club that is adapting to the new schedule.

“Because of COVID-19, It’s making the experience as a leader much more interesting since we have had to change much of what we planned to follow the government’s guidelines for the safety of everyone,” historian Stevie Gerecke said.

The leaders have decided to allow members to earn points from home. This adjustment allows members to progress forward with their service, but it has changed some leadership positions.

“I am in charge of signing up members for events, but since points will now be earned from home, my job has essentially come to an end,” treasurer Claudia Rodriguez said. “I have to assess the program in other ways by providing volunteering ideas and attending officer meetings.”

With a club centered around service, it may seem impossible for students to impact their communities during this time. Although, members have stayed focused on their goals to make an impact.

“It seems like the members are accommodating very well to all of the online stuff we have published,” Gerecke said. “We are still doing projects and service opportunities to help our members reach their goals while making their time enjoyable.”