Final Dread

Tips on how to prepare for finals

The end of the semester is coming and along with it comes the tests that nearly all students dread finals, the tests that could make or break a student’s grade. From study groups to eating healthy, there are several different ways that students can prepare for their finals.

Ask Plenty of Questions
Do not be afraid of asking questions. It does not hurt to double-check with the teacher, even after getting the right answer. Getting the right answer is not always the point\; understanding how to get the right answer is usually more important. Asking classmates or friends who have passed the class already can also help people study for finals, according to

Start Early
Putting off homework and study guides until the last minute can lead to more stress than before. It is often best to start preparing for finals early rather than the night before.

When students begin to study early, then they will not be stressing too much about studying for their test the night before, according to

Study Groups
Forming study groups can be a great way to study. Having a few other classmates and friends to study with can benefit all of the members of the study group.

Meet with friends to go over different class material, compare notes, or work through difficult problems together. Students can learn from the ideas and notes of their friends, according to

Prioritize your Exams
Not all tests are the same difficulty. Some tests can be easier than others so start studying for the harder and more important tests before you study for the easier ones.

Most finals are worth different percentages of a student’s total grade. Look at the syllabus of every class and look at the grades in those classes. Make sure to find out what percentage of the total grade each final is worth. This will help students decide which tests they should study for first and longest, according to

Get Enough Sleep
Sometimes it can be hard to make sure to get an appropriate amount of sleep, but sleep can play a big role in a student’s ability to study. Staying up too late can diminish a student’s ability to study well and take tests well.

Staying well-rested can help students become fully entirely focused on the test that they are taking, according to

Stay Healthy
A vital part of a student’s ability to study is their health. If a student does not watch their health, they could become sick, which will not help them when it comes time to take their final.

It is very important to stay in good health if a student wants to do well in school. Make a schedule to exercise regularly and make time to take a break from studying and eat healthy food. Healthy foods keep students full of energy and focused, according to

Shaylie Johnson