Catch Them if you can in your Auditorium


Dominic Regazzi, Staff Writer


Every year the school’s most talented actors, actresses and tech members come together to assemble the annual school musical. This year, the school’s most talented thespians will perform “Catch Me if You Can”.

On the run towards his dreams with millions of dollars worth of forged checks, Frank Abagnale Jr. is noticed by FBI agent, Carl Hanratty, who is suspicious of his lies. Developing this show is going to be a lot of fun for the people involved.  However, it will take more than learning a song and dance to get this musical on the stage.



Most actors can agree that auditions are one of the most challenging aspects of taking part in a stage production, whether it is a musical or a play. The feeling of standing in front of the director of a musical and showcasing a taste of one’s talent can be different for people, it is either super easy, or gut wrenching awful. Although it is all worth it for a role in a musical.



The spotlight is now on the director. They put together all of the audition tapes and watch them over and over until they have the perfect personality for the roles in the musical.

“[I jot down] initial thoughts, like who would be right for the role,”director Nicole Boschurt said. “We usually start with the main [characters] and work from there.”

It can be puzzling to fit actors into the role that fits them best.



Practice makes perfect. In this case, three months of practice is needed to put together a show. After school, the whole cast comes together along with the music director and the main director to rehearse songs, lines and dance routines. This can last around three and a half hours per day.

“I’m so excited to get there after school and work on all of the songs and scenes,”senior Jordan Dennis said. “It’s so cool just watching all of that stuff just come together as the months progress.”

The ultimate goal is to have everyone comfortable with the script and their part. Time and devotion is a huge aspect when putting together a production.



Set Build

One of the most important aspects of this musical is the set. The set build crew have the job of creating the overall environment of the stage. A lot of elbow grease has to be put into this set to make it look outstanding. The stage is going  to be transformed into a new world.



This is it. The final week of preparation for opening night. From the dismissive bell of school to the clock striking 10:30 pm, everyone apart of the musical will meet Monday through Wednesday of show week to run through the show over and over again. During this time people will practically live in the auditorium.

Opening Night

The premier of the musical is what the cast and crew all work up to. It is time to put on the show. Flowers role in backstage one by one from loved ones just before the curtains open.

“[I want us to] put on a fantastic show,” Dennis said.“[We are all] individual cogs, but once we come together, we build this great portrait.”

“[I want everyone to] have good and positive experiences and build good relationships,” Mrs.Boschurt said.

Opening night is a big day for everyone involved. The atmosphere is a mix of excitement and nervousness, the perfect combination for awesome energy. After the curtains close the whole company prepares for the next night’s show.



After the final performance is over, it is time to say a big farewell to the musical. For some, it is their first high school show and for others, it is their last. This is an emotional day for the cast and crew as they tear the set down and make their final memories of the show. It is a bitter-sweet feeling to walk away from a show. However, the memories made while doing it are irreplaceable.