Humans of West

Nathan Kovacs, Staff Writer

Calease Brown (Sophomore)


Soaring through the air, sophomore Calease Brown reflects on her journey as a track athlete. This teenager originally had quite the negative attitude towards running before setting out on the track. Even though Brown disliked running, she could not help but see that she was pretty good. In fact, she placed first in her first hurdle race. On the track, she has become a fierce competitor and pushes herself to do better.

“I used to hate running, but now I love it, like to the point where I won’t not do it,” said Brown.

The track star hopes to join again in the spring bringing her competitiveness back onto the track. Keep on hurdling.


Angela Loness (Senior)


An athlete’s willingness to practice and compete can stem from a variety of sources. Varsity soccer player senior Angela Loness plays in memory of a lost loved one- her grandfather. Loness’ dedication for soccer began ever since she could walk. Her grandfather was a huge impact on her steadiness in the sport. They used to talk about her future in soccer and before he passed he urged her to play on the high school team.

“I play for him.”

Now Loness has college representatives on the field watching her pour her all into every goal, little do they know the source for her passion.