Freshmen Guide


Photo provided by Molly Galik

Mike Fine, Sports Editor

Freshmen, the time has come: nine years of schooling has finally propelled the class of 2020 to the grand stage of high school. Whether students are quaking with fear or shaking with excitement,  all will no doubt need time to adjust to the new environment. Luckily, high school gives more opportunities than ever to find a group that shares the same interests.


Get involved

Other than a few scattered events here and there, middle school did not provide many  events to rally the student body behind, but that all changes in high school. Even for those who are not the biggest fans of sports, participating in the student section can be a great display of school pride and a good way to meet students of other grade levels.

“Being together as a student body brings a lot of energy and enthusiasm to the games,” alumni Ben Dobson said.

Sports are not the only school sponsored events to take part in however. The newspaper hosts two fundraisers in the name of Bananarama and Mr. Jaguar. Bananarama is a battle of the bands, while Mr. Jaguar is a comedic male pageant.

“[I would recommend the two events] because it makes you fall in love with the people at your school,” junior Kelsey Christman said. “It opens your eyes to the personalities and talents around you that you wouldn’t have known about if you didn’t go to those type of things.”

Photo provided by Becca Palmero
Photo provided by Becca

Make the most of your time

With all the new freedom of high school comes a whole slew of opportunities. There are countless clubs, sports and other extracurriculars that will give you the opportunity to meet people with the same interests as you.  With everything from gamer’s club to military support club, there will be something for everyone.

“Participate in everything possible,” alumni Mike Kiely said. “I wish I wasn’t so shy [freshman year], [because] you have the chance to meet some really great people here.”

More important than anything, do not lose yourself in the social pressures brought on by the change of environment. While students are bound to grow and mature in their time here, be sure not change how purely to appeal to a certain crowd.

“Never stop being yourself,” junior Nina Hale said. “People will have an influence on you but it’s important to stay true to the person you stare at in the mirror everyday.”