Your Next Binge Series


Photo by Summer Vaughn

“The Flash”- Comic book turned TV show, “The Flash” is about a young man named Barry Allen who is a crime scene investigator by day and superhero by night. After being struck by lightening and drenched in chemicals, Allen obtains superhuman speed, which he uses to fight crime.

“The characters are so likeable,” freshman Kayleigh Leahy said, “[and] there is always a new, exciting storyline that progresses.”

The show follows Allen’s everyday life with friends, work, romance and of course; his alter ego. All the while, the Flash battles against criminals and supervillains.


“Glee”- This dramatic comedy is perfect for people trying to find their direction and place. Spanish teacher Will Schuester assembles a diverse group of teenagers with incredible talent to form a show choir club, better known as the Glee club. Between typical high school drama, dating and  being slushied, the students compete for a show choir title.

“[All] the drama and everything is great,” senior Ashley McGrath said. “We see the members graduate and pursue their dreams, while new students find their way through high school with the help of Glee.

“There are some [amazing] singers, especially Rachel,” McGrath said, “I love to sing and I wish I could have her voice.”

The show also touches on so many topics from sexuality and gender identity to beating the odds and chasing your dreams.


“Stranger Things”- Mysterious and nail-biting, “Stranger Things” is a science fiction horror Netflix series based around a young boy Will Byers who ends up missing.

“[The] story was riveting and kept me going,” senior Jackson Delene said. “This show had a good mix of not too scary, but still enough to make me jump.”

As Byers’ mother starts to search for him, a girl with psychokinetic abilities learns where Byers is. As they start to put the pieces together, skepticism and questions arise, and the menacing people behind it all desperately try to cover up the truth. Meanwhile, an ambiguous, evil force lurks around, causing trouble.


“The Office”- When Michael Scott, the boss of a paper company, starts acting a little immature and crazy, it makes for mayhem in the workplace. While they are stuck in a mundane office, coworkers Jim Halpert and Dwight Howard kill time with bickering and pranks.

“It’s not your typical laugh track cheesy show,” said senior Katelyn Burns. “It’s a mockumentary.”

Scott’s company paid parties and unpredictable adventures are not the only aspects this show has to give, Halpert and sales lady Pam also create a charming office romance. “The Office” keeps viewers amused and giggling with it’s goofy humor.