Hydro Flask Hydration

A new trend in reusable waters bottles has surfaced. The Hydro Flask is the bottle to have right now.


Summer Vaughn

A 32oz water bottle retails for $39.99 on hydroflask.com.

For those seeking a healthy lifestyle, hydration is key. Students throughout the country have latched onto this fact and are making efforts to drink as much water as they can. Walking down the hallway at any school, many students are accompanied by their own water bottle in efforts to become as hydrated as possible. One extremely popular water bottle that students are utilizing today is the Hydro Flask water bottle.

The Hydro Flask water bottle has a TempShield double wall vacuum for insulation. This eliminates condensation and keeps any beverage cold or hot for hours, according to hydroflask.com. This water bottle also has a durable pro-grade stainless steel construction will not retain or transfer flavor, accompanied by a lifetime warranty. Along with these notable factors, these water bottles come in a plethora of shapes and sizes.

“My Hydro Flask really keeps my water cold all day long,” sophomore Lydia Lehmbeck said. “I put ice in it in the morning and it is still there whenever I finish my run in the heat.”

With all of the factors that this water bottle has, it serves as a great resource in remaining hydrated. With its many variations and options, the Hydro Flask water bottle can suit anyone.