Softball Stories

A day with the Varsity Softball team

Sophomore Lauren Rowland is seen posing in the back of the team bus.
Senior Lindsey Laughlin (left) and freshman Kelsey Sawvell (right) are captured doing a pregame handshake. Sawvell made varsity as one of only two freshmen. “I have felt a little pressure when it comes down to being the younger one on an older team,” Sawvell said. “I am always expected to do good.” (Photo by Emily Goewert)
Sophomore Lauren Rowland is seen posing in the back of the team bus. This will be Rowland’s second year on varsity, as she made the team her freshman year. “I’m excited to build closer friendships with the teammates that I didn’t play with last year and learn how to work with them on the field,” Rowland said. (Photo by Emily Goewert)
Senior Lydia Feiste is captured braiding freshman Mackenzie Knehans’s hair. Knehans was soaking up every minute of her freshman year season. “My favorite part about this season is hanging out with everyone,” Knehans said. “They mean so much to me and are always picking me up.” (Photo by Emily Goewert)
Senior Lindsey Laughlin(left), senior Lydia Feiste (middle) and sophomore Nalla Houston(right) are seen posing for a picture before the start of their game against St. Dominic. As a four-year varsity veteran, Feiste has accepted her leadership role. “I want to be the leader that picks people up and always has their backs,” Feiste said. “Even if I’m struggling, I know that if I help somebody, it’ll help me.” (Photo by Emily Goewert)
Varsity softball manager, Freshman Kyle Feiste, is seen keeping track of the scorebook for the 2021-2022 season. Feiste has loved softball ever since he first watched his sister play. “It’s a really fun experience: jamming out to music on bus rides and getting to meet new people,” Feiste said. (Photo by Emily Goewert)