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Serena and Venus Williams dropped out of the U.S. Open

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On Aug. 21, Serena Williams announced that she would be withdrawing from the U.S. Open due to a hamstring injury. The U.S. Open is one of four Grand Slam tournaments in tennis along with the French Open, Australian Open and Wimbledon, all according to

“I thought it was a good idea that she dropped out,” Melissa Wood, junior varsity athlete said. “She has an injury; if she continues to play, then she could further injure herself. She has so many other tournaments she can play in her career. This one match will not matter; it will not be detrimental to her Hall of Fame career.”

This comes as Serena has 23 Grand Slam titles; one away from tying Margaret Court’s record for titles, according to Shortly after, Venus Williams also announced her withdrawal from the tournament, “I, too, am unable to play the U.S. Open. It’s super, super, super disappointing,” Venus Williams said in a video on Twitter. “[I] have had some issues with my leg all this summer and just couldn’t work through it.”

“Fans really wanted to see them both play,” Lucas McDonald, varsity tennis athlete said. “I still think that the ratings will not dwindle much because most fans do not watch it just for the Williams’ sisters.”

Serena and Venus are not the only ones withdrawing from the U.S. Open. On the men’s side, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer—both of whom have 20 Grand Slam titles—have also withdrawn. Nadal dropped due to foot pain, and Federer is still recovering from his fourth knee surgery, according to

“I think it will take Federer a little while to recover; he may be out for a few more months and may miss the Australian Open,” Wood said. “I had to leave for a few weeks earlier this year because of a rib injury, and it taught me a lot about recovery and being sidelined.”

Serena and Federer are both 40 years old, Venus is 41 and Nadal is 35. Some fans are speculating that this may be the end of the road for some of them.

“I was surprised to see these dropouts because this is Venus and Serena’s tournament,” McDonald said. “I think it is time for them to retire.”