A Team of Their Own

Lacrosse is not a school sponsored sport, but the boys team still wears Zumwalt on their uniforms and now the girls want the chance to do the same.


Trinity Van Gels

The girl’s lacrosse team is located in Wentzville, so they do not get the opportunity to show pride in their school.

With the 15 sports and hundreds of athletes the school had last year, it is almost a guarantee that every athlete can find a team for themselves. However, students who play lacrosse have not been able to experience this, as a lacrosse team is not sponsored at school.

There is a boys non-school sponsored team that wears Zumwalt on their uniforms, which allows the players to take some pride in their school as they step onto the fields. However, the case is not the same for the girls. The closest team that allows girls to play is a Wentzville club team. Female players want to be able to play their favorite sport and represent their school simultaneously.

“The Wentzville team used to be a girls team just for girls that went to high schools in the Wentzville school district, but recently a bunch of girls from different Zumwalt high schools have joined the team for the same reason the Wentzville girls joined, to hopefully have a high school team,” senior Carley Cline said.

Though students have shown interest in the past to bring lacrosse to school, currently there is no push to go through the long process in order to add a new sport.

“Any time a sport is added in our district it must be recommended by the superintendent to the board of education to be approved,” athletic director Paul Boschert said. “There have been a few attempts to make lacrosse a sport in the Fort Zumwalt School District by parents and other lacrosse officials in the area, but it has never made it to the board of education.”

With the growing popularity of lacrosse, students are beginning to wonder when they will have a team of their own.

“Our club team already plays against Howell [and] Parkway schools,” Cline said. “More progressive schools have unique sports like lacrosse, so it would show that our school is progressive if we had a team.”

It is only a matter of time before players push hard enough for a lacrosse team to be added to the school’s long index of athletics.