Loving the Love Holiday

Valentine’s Day is better than what it seems


Photo by alleksana, Canva Pro

Presents and cards are some popular gifts for Valentine’s Day.

Feb. 14 is considered one of the worst days of the year for some people. A day of forced romance, spending excessive amounts of money on candy and having to witness couples gaze at each other with googly eyes, Valentine’s Day can be seen as a day of unrealistic glamor or as a day of finding love for yourself and those around you.

Valentine’s Day has the potential to become the ultimate self-care day when one does not fixate on the idea of romantic love. On Target’s website, there is a whole webpage dedicated to this special day. You can find a variety of snacks, candy and baking activities. These also are things that can be done by spending time with other people like friends or family.

Many restaurants have special offers around this time of year as well. Chick-fil-A offers 30-count nuggets and 10-count chick-n-minis in heart-shaped trays, according to their website. Einstein Bros. Bagels are offering a breakfast spread for two on Valentine’s Day for less than $20, according to retailmenot.com. Some pizza places also make heart-shaped pizzas during this month. These are all perfect ideas to treat yourself or split with your best friends.

Focusing on love and the relationships in your life instead of comparing yourself to those around you is one of the most overlooked parts of Valentine’s Day. Making the best of what is going on in your life currently is what makes this day so special.