The Plaid Fad

Everyone needs this versatile pattern in their life


Photo provided by Eboni Thomas

Senior Eboni Thomas poses on the St. Louis Union Station ferris wheel attraction.

As colder temperatures continue to approach, floral patterns and bright colors are no longer in style. Many staples like turtlenecks, blazers, flared pants and boots are destined to slide across your Instagram feed. However, these outfits need a little something to help spice them up. Look no further than plaid. Originally produced in Scotland in the 1700s, plaid seems to have found a recurring spot in fashion, according to From 50s plaid poodle skirts to 90s grunge flannels, plaid is a timeless pattern that adds spice and winter vibes to any look.

Whether it be skirts, blazers, pants, jackets or shoes – truly, anything – plaid serves as a statement piece. Warm neutrals are more suitable for fall and winter than the bright colors of summer and spring. To add a pop to an outfit, plaid is the perfect answer.

“I like wearing plaid because it’s not just a solid color, and it adds some pattern to an outfit,” senior Maggie Edmundson said. “You can also dress it up or down. It’s something small, but can make a huge difference in an outfit.”

In addition, having plaid in your closet is a smart move financially and in the world of fashion, which I must say is quite rare. Using plaid is a great way to transition favorite summer pieces into an ensemble for the colder months, rather than purchasing new clothes for each season. Throwing a plaid turtleneck under a dress or styling a plaid jacket with a skirt and tights are examples of this pattern’s symbiotic powers.

Look, you do not need to deck out in an all plaid outfit, but at least consider adding one piece of this gorgeous pattern to your closet. Cher Horowitz, the queen of plaid, would be proud.