Why you Should give Trump a Chance


The majority of America did not get what they wanted through the popular vote, as the electoral college gave Donald J. Trump the presidency. Though the left has reacted harshly, it does not mean that we should sit down and give up on this great country. We, as a people, need to grow up and keep moving forward, despite the partisan views on government.

“[The democratic party] can come back and work with the republicans to make things better and to share views and see how to solve the bigger issues out together,” senior Conor Breyne said.

Focus on what we can do for the present; like our reaction to the election, to not use this exchange of power to give up on the government. If the majority of the adult population, out of nowhere, stopped being productive, what would happen to the republic? Nothing good, I assure you.

Every little thing does not need to be blown out of proportion or have a partisan spin on the topic. Not everything Trump does can be considered selfish and/or racist, and should at times be taken with a grain of salt; whether it be a pinch or an entire salt lick, for his occasional outrageous outburst.

In Trump’s vastly expanding list of executive orders, there have been the good, the bad, the controversial and the agreeable with regards to public opinion. Sure, the wall and the travel ban orders are under fierce contest, but other orders have met little resistance. These orders include plans to reduce violent crime, protect police officers and to support U.S. infrastructure; all things both sides of the political world can agree upon. This bipartisan support extends to his own cabinet appointees.

“The appointment of retired Marine general James Mattis [as Secretary of Defense] has gotten bipartisan support, but many other appointments also look good,” Glenn Reynolds wrote on usatoday.com.

Now, just because Trump is president, it does not mean that you should stop interacting in politics. Protests, such as the Women’s March that happened the morning after inauguration day, are definitely worth your time to attend instead of bowing out of American politics. These demonstrations will surely get the attention of others around you, and will flow through President Trump’s ears one way or another.

Trump is still a man, and will still be vulnerable to public opinion. Make calls to the White House. Who knows? Maybe this time the Oval Office will pick up the phone.

We should be hopeful for the next four years of the country, not self-destructive. We have lasted this long through both voicing our personal views and working together despite our differences. This country will survive, as it has through other republican and democratic political leaders, both who have made mistakes, but have also done great things for our country. We need to move forward despite partisan lines in the name of American prosperity for this new presidential term.