Rare Recreation

Where to go in St. Louis for entertainment

Beyond Van Gogh
Located at the corner of Brentwood Boulevard and Galleria Parkway in Richmond Heights is a walk-through experience of Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings come to life by French-Canadian creative director Mathieu St-Arnaud and his team at Montreal’s Normal Studio. Former paintings of Van Gogh now project on the walls and floors. Viewers can enjoy this experience while it lasts through March 30, all according to vangoghstlouis.com.

Laclede’s Landing Wax Museum
Located in the center of Laclede’s Landing is a five-level wax museum consisting of over 250 life-size figures. Visitors can expect to see well-known celebrities and characters brought to wax form such as Shrek, Superman, R2-D2 and more. The museum offers food and drinks as well as a gift shop, an ice cream shop, free Wi-Fi and music, all according to stlwaxmuseum.com.

The Mural Mile
Located along the Riverfront between Victor and Chouteau Avenues is the Mural Mile, which is a floodwall consisting of more than 250 graffiti works from artists around the country. This project was started in 1997 by Paint Louis as an annual event where artists could add their personal touch, all according to racstl.org.

Soulard Farmers Market
Located within a mile of the Gateway Arch grounds is the Soulard Farmers Market. This market holds shops in the center and 147 stalls on the outside where vendors can sell goods such as fresh produce, meat, seafood, cheese, snacks, baked goods, spices, flowers and even pets. Due to being able to buy pounds of fruit for only a couple of dollars, this market can be a great way to save money stocking up on goods, all according to soulardmarketstl.com.