Falling for the Film

Review of the “Dear Evan Hansen” movie

Dear Evan Hansen movie poster art.

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Dear Evan Hansen movie poster art.

Get the tissue boxes ready and prepare for the emotional rollercoaster that is “Dear Evan Hansen.” The movie itself was amazing, the effects were great and the songs are most of the ones from the musical. Everything about the movie was amazing in general.

General Effect: 10/10

The movie flowed really well; they kept the storyline well intact with the musical. One of the largest stunt effects was how they were able to shoot Evan falling off the tree without the actual actor or stuntman getting hurt.

Soundtrack: 11/10

All of the songs were impactful; they all have a meaning that may cause people to start tearing up. At points in the movie, you can tell when you are supposed to be happy, especially when Zoe and Evan get together. The soundtrack then grew somber and slower to convey sadness. An example of this is when everyone finds out that Evan was not Connors actual friend, and it was all made up. Each song has a different meaning; they all help the story progress.

Characters: 7/10

The characters are portrayed well and will have the audience falling in love with each of them. Among the most memorable characters are Evan Hansen (Ben Platt), Connor Murphy (Colton Ryan), Zoe Murphy (Kaitlyn Dever) and last but certainly not least, Alana Beck (Amandla Stenberg).

Evan Hansen is the main character of the movie. Like other characters, Evan is dealing with anxiety. He helps us understand that people can deal with just more than one thing, such as anxiety and depression in Evan’s case.

Connor Murphy is mainly in the beginning of the movie who pops up occasionally throughout the movie. However, he is still a centerpiece of the plot due to his impact on Evan as well as everyone around him. The things that Connor struggled with were depression and anger, which caused him to commit suicide at the beginning of the movie, this being the reason why he only shows up as a memory throughout the movie.

Zoe Murphy is another main character who gets together with Evan at one point in the movie. Zoe is Connor’s little sister, and she knew Connor did not have a soft side for anyone; Connor constantly yelled at his sister and family, which caused many fights between all of them, causing her to have disbelief that Connor was friends with Evan. After much convincing from her parents and Evan, she finally believes Connor was Evan’s friend.

Alana Beck is the CEO of the Connor Project. She is a character that shows up throughout the movie, but she does not become a main character until the end of the movie. Alana does not show anyone that she deals with anxiety throughout the entire movie, but she does tell Evan towards the end of the movie. Alana was the antagonist of the movie. She kept the movie going by hinting that she was going to be the one who made everyone else’s life a living hell, which caused Evan to fix everything.

Overall: 9/10

The movie was great, and with the movie you get more of a description of each of the characters. The sound and effects of the movie were amazing. The theater helped with the sound effects and such. All of the things that made the movie a great watch was how closely it related to the musical. I would absolutely recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys musicals that also happen to be movies.