How the Cookie Crumbls

A new cookie bakery has opened in Cottleville


Maisy Garrison

The cookies are sold individually or in a set of four.

If one is looking for a quick, delicious snack, Crumbl Cookies has recently opened. It is located in Cottleville and is open from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. This cookie joint may entice one’s sweet tooth.

Their sleek interior is a comfortable spot for one to rest while waiting for their order. They have white and pink decorations, creating a great atmosphere for the customer.

“It was clean, bright and it smelled good,” senior Lauren Coots said. “The walls were all white with some picture frames.”

Crumbl’s ordering system makes it easy for any customer. They have tablets on the wall for customers to order from as well as a front counter where employees can take orders. For customers who do not want to order in the store, an online ordering system is available.

“The ordering was quick and easy,” Coots said. “I ordered at the counter.”

They have two permanent cookie flavors, milk chocolate chip and chilled sugar cookie, as well as four special cookies that rotate weekly, all according to An example of one of their weekly cookies is their red velvet cream cheese cookie. Served warm or cold, there are different ways one can get your cookie. Their menu tells the customer how the cookie is served.

“I tried the chocolate chip cookie and it was warm,” Coots said. “The chocolate chip cookie was moist and chewy.”