Problems with IPhones

Problems with IPhones

IPhone is a leading product of Apple and is one of the biggest phone brands across the nation. However, this does not exclude them from their fair share of glitches. With things like swelling batteries and overheating, the Iphone 8 problems are causing consumer outrage.


Crackling earpiece

When making calls, Iphone 8 users are reporting weird sounds in the earpiece. It sounds like popping or static as it has been referred to. There does not seem to be any apparent reason why the phones are making crackling noises.


“We are aware of the issue, which is affecting customers in a small number of cases,” an Apple spokesman said according to


While Apple representatives say they are doing their best to fix the problem and no one should worry, widespread reports have been made from not only different phone carries but different countries as well, according to


Swelling battery

The iPhone batteries are swelling, causing the screen to actually detach from the rest of the body, according to Apple is unsure of this cause as well, saying that they are looking into it. The phone could be in transit to stores or simply charging and the battery could begin to swell, according to


“[Swelling is] very unusual for a brand-new battery and leads towards the direction of there’s something fundamentally wrong with this battery,” battery industry analyst Sam Jaffe said, according to


Screen freezing

Some screens are randomly freezing with no explanation. Other buttons are working normally but the screen is freezing on the home or lock screen, according to Some simple fixes could work such as holding the power and home button to shut down the phone or forcing a restart.

“I was trying to open my phone, but it was frozen on my lock screen,” senior Lauren Brady said. “I could use Siri, but if Siri tried to redirect me or launch any apps it would take me back to the lock screen.”



Most phones get warm sometimes when in the sun for too long or maybe even just after a very long time of use. IPhone 8 however, is getting hot to the touch even after short periods of time. Whether a user is playing a game or downloading something, the phone begins heating up rapidly. Once the phone gets too hot it starts to disable certain features like flash for cameras or even just the ability to shut down, according to There is no real explanation but there are a few ways to cool down the phone, such as taking off the case or just letting it sit until it has cooled down.