A Green Initiative

Saving the environment is being taking into the hands of students. There are many opportunities to get involved.

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Libby Decker

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Being outdoors and in nature often brings people to a sense of relaxation and contentment, but what if when one walked outside all that was shown was pieces of plastic and trash rather than the green grass, and dark cloud of pollution rather than the blue sky? Without the fresh air and healthy growing plants many people would not have the same reaction to being outside. With the beginning of the school year brings opportunities to get involved in school activities. The  environmental club gives students opportunities to make the world a better place and also gives them a chance be involved in something in school.

“We have plans to do another clean stream, a road side pick up, themed up cycling and more,” junior Nathan Salas said.

There are many jobs and volunteers that clean up trash around the area, but this club has taken it into their own hands to help out the community just a little more. 

“Audrey [Bockhorse] and I were sitting in Environment class last year and there was an O’Fallon city worker speaking about what her daily job is and mentioned clean streams and other service projects,” Salas said. “We thought that the school should have a club that acts as the middleman for kids from our school to help our local environment, so we made one.”