Puppy Bowl

February 2, 2018

Friends and families across the country will gather around their televisions on Super Bowl Sunday. However this is not to watch football, this is to watch the cutest event in America, the Puppy Bowl. The Puppy Bowl will be continuing this year for the thirteenth year in a row.

The adorable event came about when the New England Patriots were facing off against the Philadelphia Eagles in Jacksonville, which was Florida’s first Super Bowl.

The idea was a suggestion from Animal Planet, a way to entertain the millions of people that watch the Super Bowl every year.

“It was always a joke: How do you counter the Super Bowl?” the executive producer for Puppy Bowl, Margo Kent said in an interview, according to Vox.com. “Let’s just put a box of puppies up there and call it a day. It’s not worth trying to go against the Super Bowl.”

This little joke of putting a camera on a bunch of adorable puppies and watching them score as many touchdowns as possible with dog toys quickly drew millions of peoples attention, and an annual tradition was born. Although the show started off as a counterprogram to the Super Bowl, it quickly became an alternative to those who are not as interested in the big game.

“During the Super Bowl season, I’m someone that looks forward to the halftime show rather than the actual game, so watching the Puppy Bowl is perfect, because I’d rather watch adorable little puppies toss around a ball rather than big sweaty men,” senior Alexis Gabelmann said.

There are a few things that some of the viewers might not know when watching the event. The group of puppies actually come from an animal shelter or rescue organization and they are able to be adopted. It takes only a few minutes, as soon as the show airs, viewers can go on animalplanet.com and look up the puppy profile. This will connect them with the shelter that has the dog, so not only will the viewers be allowed to watch the cute puppies, but they will have a chance of taking them home as their own.

Unlike the football game, the puppy bowl is not live. It is taken about three months in advance. The two hour event shown on television, takes about two days to film. The reason is to show as many puppies as possible. For the puppies safety, they are given a 30 minute break out of the camera lights.

The adorable close up footage that is featured of the puppies are actually set up. The puppies are not naturally drawn to the cameras, they actually put peanut butter around the edges of the camera lenses and some are attached to the toys to achieve the cute close ups.

Tune in on February 4 at 3 p.m. to watch these adorable puppies.

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