Sibling’s First Day

Many students get to attend school along side their siblings. It can be helpful to get advice and encouragement from family.


It is her first day and her sister’s last first day of high school. For freshman Sydney Anderson, it is a dream to be able to go a year in school with her sister senior Haley Anderson.

“Haley has been a mentor to me, because since the first day of school she has been helping me navigate my way through high school,” Sydney said.  “Any question that I have she answers them and always insists to help. It’s great having someone to show you the ropes especially when half of the time you don’t know where you are going.”

Freshman year can be full of stress and uncertainty, but having a big sister at Sydney’s side can be a comfort. Wisdom shared in private conversations or a friendly smile can go a long way when someone is beginning something new and strange.

“[Advice I have for Sydney is] try to get involved as much as you can because it is what will be the most memorable,” Haley said. “You shouldn’t miss out on going to homecoming or the footballs games because that’s where you make a lot memories that your friends will still talk about today. Just have fun because high school goes by faster than you think.”