Seeing into Summer

Spring time brings sun and a new style. Sunglasses are the perfect way to complete any look.

1. Where would you want to vacation the most?

A. Hawaii
B. Paris
C. Spain

2. How would you describe yourself?

A. Quirky
B. Shy
C. Outspoken

3. What’s your favorite subject?

A. English
B. Math
C. Foreign Language

4. What’s your favorite movie genre?

A. Action
B. Romance
C. Horror

5. What kind of music do you enjoy most?

A. Pop
B. Rock
C. Funk


Colored Sunglasses (Mostly A’s):

You have a lively personality that wishes to see the world. Your taste is adventurous and you desire to gain new experiences. Sunglasses with a pop of color and flare would fit your glowing personality.

Claudia Rodriguez
Finding the best color for a certain style is important for these kinds of glasses.

Aviator (Mostly B’s):

Remaining low key is your way of being you. Classic sunglasses fit you. Having a fun time in the sun while not standing out sounds perfect. Aviator rim shape glasses with a neutral color suits you best.

Claudia Rodriguez
These glasses add a youthful pop to any outfit.

Round (Mostly C’s):

You have a bit of spunk to you, and regular sunglasses cannot keep you down. Going against the crowd is the way to go, and round sunglasses are just the thing for you to live up to that ideal.

Claudia Rodriguez
Aviators are a classic frame style and can be found at most stores that sell sunglasses.