The Old, NEW sound

Vinyl record players gain newfound relevance

In recent years, the teenage youth has developed an interest in record players and it is unsurprising. The tumblr aesthetic that teens have been comparing themselves to involves polaroids and big glasses. However, vinyls are more than just an accessory to today’s youngster.

The music that emanates from speakers has a grit that can only be found in vinyl. Not only is the music better, but watching a needle glide over the divitis in the rings is mesmerizing. Instead of listening on a CD player or a phone, vinyl lovers can see the music on display.

“Listening to music on vinyl is really rad because the quality of music just sounds really authentic,” junior Emily Schulte said.

Sometimes, we need a glimpse into the past and a break from the fast paced technology.

‘“It’s a unique place to find things you cannot find anywhere else,” said vinyl company owner Mick Lawless, according to Boston magazine. “These are relics from the past.”

Other artists like Lana Del Rey, Arctic Monkeys, Taylor Swift and The 1975 have recently added their new music for customers to buy. To some, this is pointless, seeing as how they can listen to these bands on Spotify or Soundcloud. However, this growing trend has made these classic devices a source of new music once again.

To uphold the vinyl tradition, stores like Vintage Vinyl allows people to listen to random records in the store. Or, the more daring option, choose a new record and take it home and listen to it. It is a unique way of discovering new music. Although some stores sell them for a high price, Vintage Vinyls sells used vinyl for as low as one dollar.

Whether its recent or one of the classics, go out and find some records and give them a chance.