Kitty Caretaking

How to care for a cat


Photo provided by Emily Toczylowski

A cat takes a nap in a bed.

Adopting a cat and bringing it home can be a great day for the cat and for the person adopting. However, taking care of a cat or kitten can be a bit tricky. Some cats can be shy or nervous, making them hide or run away, while others are very active and can be a handful. They can also be very picky about what they want. Here are a few tips for anyone with a newly adopted cat.

What should a cat eat?

There are multiple kinds of food that cats can try. Dry food is one of the options a cat owner can choose from. It provides vitamins, meat and fiber. Some cats may not be able to digest it or enjoy it as much, so make sure the cat likes the food before buying more. If the cat does not enjoy the dry food, then switch to semi-moisture. This can provide grains and soybeans. Make sure this food does not dry out. Lastly, a cat may enjoy canned food, which will provide meat and water, all according to

One brand of cat food is Fancy Feast, which is wet cat food. Another option is Blue Buffalo, which contains no wheat and mostly meat. A few other brands include Iams ProActive and Cat Chow, according to

What litter should a cat use?

Unlike dogs, cats need their own private bathroom. Litter can smell bad if untreated, so a popular choice would be Arm & Hammer Super Scoop Clumping cat litter, which is unscented, or Arm & Hammer Feline Pine Platinum cat litter, which has a nice smell and does not clump when used. Another option would be the World’s Best Lavender Scented Multi Cat Litter that is made with corn and also smells nice, all according to

It is always beneficial to check that the cat is okay with the type of litter. Cats can be very picky and one may have to find different kinds.

Essentials for cats

A few other needs for cats besides food, water and litter can be toys or a comfortable bed that is not a box. For the litter that one chooses, a cat will need to be provided a large litter box. If a cat likes to go outside more, giving it a water fountain to sit outdoors can be beneficial. Inside the house, a cat can use a scratch post. This can help protect furniture from a cat’s claws or entertain them for a day. One should follow trial and error with different kinds of cat beds to make sure they are comfortable. Lastly, giving a cat different varieties of toys will keep them busy throughout the day. Little mouse toys or balls will be just enough, all according to

Grooming a cat

Just like every animal, cats can start to get smelly, but some of them do not enjoy getting in the water. A cat should be tired before being given a bath so it is not super crazy when the water starts. Before putting the cat into the bath, groom the fur so it is not knotted or loose. Then place a water mat or a towel at the bottom of the bath. This helps make sure the cat does not slip on the floor of the tub. Slowly and carefully get the cat wet and then apply the cat friendly shampoo, making sure to avoid its eyes. Then take the time to use the water to rinse out all of the soap in its coat. With a moist cloth or towel, wipe the cat’s face gently with no soap. Lastly, wrap up the feline with a dry, warm towel and make sure to give it extra love, all according to

Does my cat love me?

A question an owner may have is if their pet likes them or enjoys staying with them. There are a few signs that a cat likes their owner. A common sign is if they rub their head or body against the legs, arms or anywhere else. Another way to tell is if the cat follows their owner from room to room or checks in with them, which shows both trust and worry. Another common sign is if the cat is making biscuits, which is kneading into furniture or a person with their paws. It shows that the owner is now their caretaker, all according to

It is key to be patient with the adopted cat and to make sure they are happy with their new life. Making sure the cat is healthy and comfortable around their new owner or in the home is very important.