Savvy Shopping

Comparison of different online clothing stores


Grace Cooper

Cooper poses in her dress from Lulu’s

Many individuals enjoy shopping for their favorite brands using online websites. There are a variety of websites for a variety of styles. Some websites have athletic clothes, some have more dressy clothes and there are others with everything in between. But there is a problem with quality and sizing for some of these popular online websites. This is a great guide to show the pros and cons of some of the very popular websites.

SHEIN – 7/10
Quality: Not the best quality, but it is still good clothing.
Sizing: Mostly true to size, sometimes runs small.
Being in the top three of the most popular online clothing websites according to, SHEIN sells quality clothing for cheap prices. They mostly offer women’s clothing, but they also offer some men’s and children’s clothing. They do offer plus sizes.

“SHEIN has very trendy clothing for an extremely affordable price,” junior Kate Fairchild said. “On the other hand shipping takes awhile and you can’t always trust the quality of the clothing.”

Fashion Nova – 6/10
Quality: Good quality, a few loose threads but never any rips or tears in the material. Material is also good quality.
Sizing: Pretty much true to size.
Fashion Nova offers a unique and trendy style. They sell clothes to women, men, and kids. They also offer plus size clothing. Another feature they have is selling beauty products. Their most popular items that they sell are more on the dressy end but they still have casual outfits too. Fashion Nova actually deletes a lot of negative reviews from their website in order to keep customers buying from them. Their return is also not good because even though customers have 30 days to return an item, they do have to pay a 50 percent restocking fee.

“I like to shop from this website because they are super trendy and have a lot of different and unique items,” freshman Julia Bardenheier said. “Overall the clothes are not bad but customer service and return policy is not that great.”

Lulu’s – 10/10
Quality: Really good quality, the clothes look the same as the picture you see on the website
Sizing: True to size. The website even gives a size chart for each clothing item.
Lulu’s is a pricier brand that specializes in dresses. They sell only women’s clothes and even offer bridal dresses. Another unique item that they sell is shoes. Their shoes are good quality and are also true to size. They do not sell plus size.

“Lulu’s has cute and affordable dresses and the website is easy to navigate,” senior Grace Cooper said. “I have never had any problems with their clothes and I am always satisfied with what I get.”

Grey Bandit – 10/10
Quality: Great quality
Sizing: Everything is usually true to size.
Grey Bandit is a trendy website that offers lots of vintage clothing and unique styles. They sell only women’s clothing and specialize in comfy clothing. Everything is always even better than expected whenever you buy it. Their clothing is pricey but great quality.

“I like to shop [at Grey Bandit] because I found it and realized it fit my style perfectly and I liked so many things from their website,” junior Ava Birk said. “It’s also a smaller business than a lot of the other popular clothing brands so it’s always great to support smaller businesses. I 100% recommend their clothing to anyone who is interested.”

Gymshark – 10/10
Quality: Great quality
Sizing: Everything is mostly true to size, some leggings are bigger than normal so sizing down is sometimes a possible option.
Gymshark is a clothing brand that offers workout clothes. Although they are workout clothes, they are comfortable enough to wear anywhere. They offer men’s and women’s clothes and their clothing is reasonably priced. Everything always comes in looking exactly like the picture.

“I like shopping at Gymshark because there is a large variety of athletic clothes that are nice to wear anywhere you want, not just the gym,” sophomore Haley Houston said. “I love wearing their clothes and everything on the website is easy to find if you’re looking for something specific.”

Missguided – 8/10
Quality: Great quality, everything is super comfy and not scratchy or rough, even jeans or skirts.
Sizing: Everything clothing is true to size
Missguided is a brand that offers a little bit of everything, but they only sell women’s clothing. They offer plus sizes as well. Their clothes are trendy and very stylish and they each have a unique style. Anyone can shop from Missguided because they have a very wide selection of clothes to choose from.

“I like to shop at Missguided because they have really cute and trendy clothes,” sophomore Lilly Dattilo said. “Although I love shopping from here it’s not the most amazing place to get clothes either.”

Zaful- 9/10
Quality: Good quality and no problems with rips or loose threads at all.
Sizing: Some items run small and some items run big so just make sure to look at reviews on sizing for each item
Zaful offers a wide variety of clothing to men and women. They offer pretty much everything from accessories to swimsuits to dresses and everything in between. They also offer plus sizes. A unique item that they offer is handbags.

“I like to shop at Zaful because they have reasonable prices for their items that they sell and are also worth the prices,” senior Halley Taylor said. “This website is very good and they have a variety of options to choose from.”

Romwe – 8/10
Quality: Their quality is good but sometimes the clothes are itchy or rough.
Sizing: It depends on the item. Checking the reviews is not a bad idea to double-check if it is true to size.
Romwe is a brand very similar to Zaful and SHEIN. They sell men’s and women’s clothing and offer a very wide variety of items. They actually offer pet items too that are good quality for your pet.

“I like shopping at Romwe because they have really cute clothes for very cheap prices,” sophomore Brooklynn Sander said. “I love buying lots of items at once but some of the items don’t fit as good as I thought they would have.”