Comfy Comes First

All students make the decision every morning to wear comfy or fashionable clothes, but there is a way to combine them.


Amanda Hofman

Even hoodies and joggers can be dressed up to have more of a style without sacrificing comfort.

The cold weather hits high school students like a train; they can no longer survive just wearing shorts and sandals, especially given the arctic temperatures throughout the high school. The transition from hot weather clothing to cold weather clothing is a major change. For most students, it allows them to be comfier and cozier.

Dressing comfy is not only a choice for the means of personal style but necessary for day-to-day life.

“School is stressful enough and sometimes comfy clothes, such as hoodies and joggers, are that little bit of sanity you need to get through the day,” junior Owen Mac said.

Due to having to wake up before dawn every morning, most students find it hard to put extreme effort into their appearance.

“I wear a lot of leggings and sweatpants because I like to be comfortable during the day,” junior Macy McLaughlin said. “I feel more myself when I dress comfortably, and when I dress up I usually regret it quickly.”

Many times people on social media have associated dressing comfy to looking lazy as if putting comfort first in an outfit is something to feel ashamed of. However, most students are not bothered by these critics.

“I personally don’t worry too much about dressing up for school because, in the end, I don’t care what people think,” junior Melanie Munie said. “I’d much rather be happy and warm in sweatpants and a hoodie even if people think I look weird.”

Choosing to dress for comfort has its perks for sleepy, stressed high school students. Rolling out of bed and throwing on a warm hoodie can improve a student’s day tremendously. When it comes to style, comfort can be an important factor.