Winter Warriors

Taking a look inside of winter guard


Photo by Chloe Mechler

Sophomore Abby Wilcox practices spinning a flag before auditions.

The winter season is closing in and sports like football, cross country and other outdoor sports move inside for off-season conditioning. Marching band also finishes their season and students move to the winter version including concert band and winter guard.

Winter guard is similar to color guard but they are inside with a recorded soundtrack. The practices consist of learning choreography and working on skills with the equipment, according to color guard coach Julie Short.

Winter guard practices twice a week for three hours each to prepare for competitions. Winter competitions start in January and include leaving around 8 a.m. and spending the whole day performing and cheering on other teams.

“It’s a good opportunity to learn about color guard,” sophomore Abby Wilcox said. “For example if you want to stay in marching band but you don’t want to stay with your instrument, then it can be a new path.”

This activity can be a lot of hard work and time, but it can help get students to take a break from homework. Learning new dance routines and how to work with flags and other equipment can help students’ relieve some of the stress they have been feeling during class.

“I was using guard as a freedom from stress,” freshman Chloe Burns said, “I wanted to get away and guard was the perfect escape.”

Along with helping to get rid of stress, it can also help students become involved in an activity where they can get their minds off of school. This means they will work hard and spend their time working on routines and techniques, so they can get on to the silver team. Even if they do not make the silver team, the purple team provides the same experience on a less intense competition level.

“Sometimes it can be hard,” Burns said. ”Certain tosses are difficult and scary, but then it becomes a part of you; eventually, it’s like a second nature.”

Winter guard also allows students to socialize and make new friends. This can help students meet people they might not have met during class. On top of meeting new people, it also gives students the chance to be themselves and have the spotlight.