A Night For The Seniors

Recognition for senior athletes

After four years of hard work, seniors are recognized on a night dedicated to their determination. Starting on a school day with sashes and crowns, seniors are honored for all of their accomplishments.

Ashley Palmer

The cheerleaders began their day of senior festivities with a donut breakfast with the rest of their team. They received their sashes and had the chance to take plenty of pictures.
“I have had that team breakfast for three years now and it was a lot different because I was a senior this time,” senior Alexa Hedges said. “It is typically one of our last team bonding events of the season which makes it even more special.”

An emotional event that takes place during senior night is when parents walk their seniors down the track while their high school accomplishments are being announced. At the end of the track, the athlete’s coaches are there to congratulate them, and they receive their senior plaque.

“It was special for my parents to walk me down the track because they are the ones who push me to do better,” senior Kyle Wurm said. “They are always there to support me.”

High school brings friendships that have grown for years and will last a lifetime. These bonds will be there for every step of memorable moments.

“It was unfortunate neither of my parents could be there to walk me down the track,” senior Nicholas Gangloff said. “But Matt is my best friend and like family so it all worked out.”

The underclassmen want to make sure every single senior on their team feels appreciated on their special night. Lots of preparation goes into this night to show their seniors they will be missed.

“My team made my senior night really special because they got us all crowns, sashes and donuts in the morning before school and then at the game my [dance team] little sister, Jenna Perkins, made me a poster with a bunch of pictures,” senior Olivia Hartman said. “The whole team sat in front when we were walking across the track and cheered for me so I felt very loved.”