Tis’ The Season

Hockey season is beginning, and the team is taking their hopes and dreams right to the rinks


Maddie Woodsmall

Team Fort Zumwalt West takes to the ice, hoping for the best,

The hockey team is ready to put on their skates and work their way towards a fantastic season. With a very promising roster, the players have set high expectations and made plans to achieve their goals.

“Despite us being a young team, we have a ton of good talent,” sophomore Joshua Eigenmann said. “We are combining all of our young talent with all the talent of our experienced upperclassmen so we can make the best of our season.”

Pre-Season Prep

As the season approaches, many players are trying to focus on what is ahead. In order to have a successful season, they must come together as a team and focus on achieving their goals, both individually and wholly.

“Personally, I hope to improve on all of my skills, and I hope to have a good bond with the team,” sophomore Samuel Bajier said. “As a team, my goal is to get as far as we can, stay positive the whole way and become a team that is hard to compete with.”

The friendships built within a team can last a lifetime for some players, and the journey of a team throughout the season is often memorable.

“We work together and we protect each other,” junior Jarrett Meyers said. “When it comes down to it, we can also get on each other if we’re doing something wrong.”

Maddie Woodsmall

Present and Future

Success is one of the team’s biggest goals, and in order for any team to reach its dreams, hard work, dedication and persistence are vital. The players are working as hard as they can to ensure a good pay off, and many players have already set up personal goals for their futures.

“I want to play hockey at Missouri State next year,” senior Eric Papuga said. “I am looking forward to our Winter Classic game.”

As for the present time, many of the athletes want to help their team grow by creating a positive environment for everyone. They are focusing on bettering their sportsmanship and chemistry in order to relieve each other’s stress and keep a good work ethic.

“We are going to keep working on what we need, and we are going to play a team sport and help each other out when needed,” Bajier said. “[We will] keep the team tight on and off the ice, so we can have the best results possible.”