Unknown, Amazing Sports


Photo provided by commons.wikimedia.org

It is an elegant evening; the birds are chirping and people are out and about. It is the perfect opportunity to play a sport; perhaps participating in a game of football or soccer. However, there are additional activities that can be played and enjoyed, but are just a bit too obscure to have 24-hour coverage. If a person can put their mind to it, any sport can be created from the depths of human imagination, as exhibited by these following activities, showing what a creative mind can do.




As  the national sport of both Afghanistan and Kyrgyzstan, this sport takes the traditional formula of polo and completely changes things. Instead of mallets, players use their hands. Alternatively, without balls to knock around, the headless carcass of a calf or goat is thrown around with teams, altogether on horseback. The objective of Tudabarai, a type of Buzkashi, is to be the team to bring the carcass completely out of the circular playing area. It is easier said than done, for getting the goat is extremely difficult to do safely. Those adept in the maneuvers to obtain the goat are called chapandaz and are usually in their forties, according to afghan-web.com. Easily, this Afghan sport is not one for the weak or meek.

Afghan war­lords maintain stables of Buzkashi horses and teams of star rid­ers under their care. The Buzkashi field there­fore is not really a safe place,” Afghan tourist Peretz Partensky said to Business Insider. “It’s a proxy war. But real war occasionally breaks out in the stands also.”


Cheese Chasing


Ever since the Romans began this tradition as a creative sport in ancient times, they set up a game to last the ages. Every year on May 22, Gloucester, England, is host to the Cheese Chasing event on Cooper’s Hill. That day, family and friends gather in a chase like none other: to run after an approximately eight pound rolling wheel of fermented milk down a steep slope with nothing to stop a participant from tumbling down with it. This annual sport lends itself to a festive atmosphere where the spectators are entertained and have a good time, watching participants recklessly tumble down the hill. However, there is an appropriate amount of injuries to be expected of an activity containing this level of downhill, cheese-grabbing craziness. Do not fret; medical teams are on standby to treat the sprained ankles, skinned knees, and various other injuries that are caused here, according to cheese-rolling.co.uk.

“It has only been a throw-yourself-off-the-top event in more recent history,” Gloucester resident Jean Jeffries told BBC.


Wife Carrying


Created in Finland, this sport speaks for itself. This requires a couple, or good friends, to become a wife carrying team, with one being the carrier and the other being carried across a cross country-esque course without being dropped, though marriage is not a requirement for participation. This sport came from the legend of Herkko Rosvo-Ronkainen, or “Ronkainen the Robber”, who, by himself and his band of ruffians, stole away women upon their backs. Traditionally, teams compete two at a time on the course for the best overall time. The quickest couples are put in a final showdown for the grand title. Penalties will be accrued and disqualification is mandatory if the wife is not carried, according to wife-carrying.org.

“Everyone is so friendly and light-hearted, but at the same time, it’s so competitive too,” a participant in the 2012 North American Wife Carrying Championship said to Sunday River.
The amount of activities one can participate is a great number to behold, with these activities being just a few of many different cultures and backgrounds. Anything can become a tradition if there is a large enough population players and fun to be had.