Supportable Sustainable Stores

The journey to Earth friendly clothes

In recent years, the search for sustainable clothing has become important to many people around the world. Around 80% of clothes are thrown away globally rather than being recycled or donated, according to remake.word. Important concepts to sustainable stores include being eco-friendly, paying a living wage to employees, reducing carbon emissions and positively impacting the earth.

YES AND is a sustainable women’s brand that produces different textiles from denim to cotton. This brand uses low-impact dyes and is Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified as well. Being GOTS certified requires environmental manufacturing as well as ensuring all plants are grown to be turned into textiles to be grown organically, according to

MATE the Label does not use pesticides, microplastics, formaldehyde, carcinogens or endocrine disruptors in their fabrics. Their mission is to provide sustainable clothing to everyone “from seed to skin.” MATE also provides climate change, ethical shopping and local shopping information on their website, all according to

Outerknown is a higher-end brand that specializes in denim jeans. Their most popular product is their S.E.A. Jeans that are made out of organic cotton. These men’s skinny jeans are stretchy and have different styles of fits depending on different preferences. Outerknown also has options for women such as additional jeans, jumpsuits and shirts. 90% of Outerknown’s fibers are recycled to help their mission of cleaning the oceans. They invest in their employees by ensuring they are happy with their job, all according to

Skiff Dogs is a swimwear company that recycles plastics in oceans to make their products. They use coastal recycling centers to reduce fuel emissions. The plastic is shredded and melted down to yarn, which then gets sewed into the fabric. The shirts are GOTS certified, and the hats are made with local materials, all according to