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How to make a friendship bracelet


Alyvia Hankins

Friendship bracelets can make a fun and easy gift idea.

Described as handmade and intended for a certain person, friendship bracelets have an extensive history, dating back to 481 B.C. Friendship bracelets became popular in the United States in the 1970s, according to Learn how to make a version of a friendship bracelet used today below.

Gather all of your supplies: this would include a piece of cardboard, a pair of scissors, something to write with, something to trace a circle with and seven pieces of embroidery floss. (Photo by Alyvia Hankins)
Trace a circle on the cardboard with the object you choose, then draw a dot in the middle of the circle. (Photo by Alyvia Hankins)
Using the scissors, cut the circle out and poke a hole where the dot was. (Photo by Alyvia Hankins)
Using a writing utensil, make eight even lines. Then, cut small slits where these lines are. (Photo by Alyvia Hankins)
Line up the floss to be even. (Photo by Alyvia Hankins)
Put the embroidery floss through the hole and make a knot at one end of the floss. (Photo by Alyvia Hankins)
Put the floss through the slits made earlier, and keep one slit empty. Always have the empty slit facing you. (Photo by Alyvia Hankins)
With the empty slit facing you, take the third string from the right of the empty slit and slide it in the slit. Face the now empty slit towards you again and repeat. (Photo by Alyvia Hankins)
After a few repetitions, the bracelet should start to look like this: (Photo by Alyvia Hankins)
Take the floss off of the cardboard once finished, then tie a knot and cut the bracelet. Finally, give the bracelet to a friend. (Photo by Alyvia Hankins)