Gifting Goods

Ideas on what to give for holiday gifts

With the holiday season quickly approaching, many are looking for gifts to get for their friends, family, significant others and teachers. This may be hard, as every person has different styles, tastes and interests. However, this list is designed for just that. Below are simple gift ideas that can be used for anyone no matter what they may like.

Dollar Store Basket
Gifting on a budget and running out of time? No worries, the dollar store has plenty of products that can easily be turned into holiday gifts a loved one can appreciate. These gifts can also be easily catered to different people. To start, grab a basket and fill it with items. These can include personal care items, snacks and drinks, movies, crafts, toys, makeup or household care items.

Baked Goods
Gifts can be expensive, but buying a couple boxes of brownie mix or a tub of cookie dough can provide gifts for multiple people at a low price. Simply bake a large amount of desserts and separate them into goodie bags to distribute to friends and family.

Gift Cards or Cash
Gift cards or cash allow the person one is buying for to spend the money how they want. Buying a gift card to a department store leaves someone with plenty of options, while buying a gift card for an app store or gaming service allows the person receiving it to spend the money on whatever game or app they want. Try to find gift cards that apply to something more broad like a group of restaurants or a company that has multiple stores, as one may not know what the person they are buying for prefers. Cash can be slid into a card and make for a simple, last-minute gift that almost anyone would appreciate.

Make Something
Handmade gifts show a level of love that may not be able to be shown through store bought gifts. Whether it is writing a lengthy letter, creating a memory book or drawing or painting something special, handmade gifts are likely to put a smile on anyone’s face.