Unfinished Journeys

Seniors reminisce on the friendships they’ve had since elementary school


Ashley Palmer

Matthew Pecoraro and Ashley Palmer posing for a picture in halloween costumes

With graduation right around the corner, seniors are looking back at the memories they have made in the past 12 years of their lives. Friendship is one of the special memories that many seniors will remember forever. For some, their very best friends are ones they met in a class during high school. But for others, the friendships they treasure most are the ones that began in elementary school.

“[Matthew Pecoraro] and I have been friends since Kindergarten,” senior Ashley Palmer said. “We were lucky enough to meet each other in elementary school, and we have been friends for 13 years since then.”

Every friendship has its ups and downs, but for best friends, almost nothing can get in the way of their inseparable bond.

“At times we have grown apart, but Ashley and I have the type of friendship [where] it does not matter how long it has been since we have seen each other,” senior Matthew Pecoraro said. “We are always able to pick up right where we left off.”

Seniors Carter Morrisey and Emma Fairchild have a friendship that began in preschool 14 years ago. Some of the best things about their friendship are the funny and embarrassing memories they share with one another.

“When we were younger, [Carter] spent the night at my house, and I tricked her [into thinking] the light post at the end of my neighborhood were aliens and that they were coming for her,” senior Emma Fairchild said. “She got so scared that she had to wake up my mom and almost leave.”

Although these friendships seem to have a lifelong lasting outlook, leaving the ones you love the most when you move to college can make it hard to remain friends. However, rumor has it that good friendships never die.

“No matter what happens after high school, [Emma] will forever be my best friend,” senior Carter Morrisey said. “She has been by my side for 14 years and is a sister to me. I will forever cherish every pool day, vacation and [happy memory] we have spent together.”