Snacks from the Past

A review of childhood snacks from the early 2000s


provided by wikimedia commons

Yoo-Hoo chocolate milk, a poplar snack from the 2000s

There are many things that can remind a person of their childhood such as TV shows, movies and games. But snacks bring a wave of nostalgia with just one bite. Many of these snacks will take one back to the carefree days of their childhood.

Yoplait Trix Yogurt: 7/10
After a long day of playing with friends outside, Yoplait Trix Yogurt was a refreshing snack. Whether the flavor was cotton candy or watermelon, this snack was consistently a go-to. This snack had tough competition with Danimals Yogurt, which is another popular and delicious snack some children chose over Yoplait Trix Yogurt.

Scooby-Doo Fruit Snacks: 9/10
These beloved fruit snacks were flying off shelves during the early 2000s. Kids could enjoy a quick snack inspired by an iconic childhood television show. Although some stores no longer sell the exact same ones from earlier years, a version of these fruit snacks are still available today.

Dippin’ Dots: 8/10
Dippin’ Dots was the perfect savory snack when going to an amusement park or mall as a kid. Coming in a variety of flavors, many children fell in love with this quick and delicious ice cream. With the smaller packaging, it was not quite enough icecream for some children.

Yoo-Hoo Chocolate Milk: 8/10
There was nothing like a glass of Yoo-Hoo chocolate milk in the morning as a kid. The thought of sitting down to watch a morning cartoon with a glass of this chocolate milk can bring back a flood of memories.

Teddy Grahams: 7/10
Teddy Grahams are another yummy snack that can bring one all the way to their childhood. This snack was perfect for on-the-go times or to bring to school for lunch or snack time. The honey and cinnamon combination was unlike any other snack. Being basically bite-sized graham crackers, they were sometimes overlooked.

Capri Suns: 9/10
Refrigerators were stocked high with Capri Suns during the early 2000s. This drink was the perfect thirst quencher after playing with friends outside. From Tropical Punch to Strawberry Kiwi, all kids were able to enjoy Capri Suns.

Lunchables: 8/10
This was the perfect mini-meal for elementary schoolers back in the day. Whether it was the pizza, chicken nuggets or crackers, cheese and meat Lunchable, a lot of kids enjoyed them. The debate of the best Lunchable is still argued today.

Cosmic Brownies: 9/10
Little Debbie was a staple brand for desserts during the childhoods of many. Her tasty brownies and other treats were an excellent dessert for after meals or as a snack as a kid.