Limitations are Perceptions

Man completes first ever Ironman in Antarctica

Hofman runs the marathon portion of an Ironman in Antarctica.

On Feb. 25, 2020, 28-year-old Anders Hofman completed the first ever “Iceman,” an Ironman Triathlon in Antarctica to prove that “limitations are perceptions.” Two years later, popular YouTube channel YesTheory released the first official trailer for the documentary of this expedition.

Hofman is an entrepreneur who has helped launch many start-ups. He is not a professional athlete and does not particularly enjoy the cold. He does, however, enjoy pushing his mental limits. This led to him coming up with the idea of pursuing the “Iceman” in 2017. Many people told him that it was a crazy idea that would be impossible to accomplish, thus the “limitations are perceptions” mantra was created and became his “why” for completing the “Iceman,” according to

One way he began training for the “Iceman” was by taking an early morning dip in the Copenhagen Harbor for seven days straight. Despite the freezing temperatures of the water, he managed to stay in the water for 11 minutes and five seconds by the last day, according to

“My body could not have changed that much over seven days,” Hofman said in an interview with BBC Sport. “It was really just staying in control of your mind when your entire body and system is under extreme stress. We can do more than our minds let us believe.”

To further prepare, in 2018 Hofman completed the Polar Circle Marathon which was his first marathon. Then, in 2019, he traveled to Iceland to complete swim and bike tests on the snow and in the Arctic waters, according to A year later, Hofman set off to complete the “Iceman.”

The trip itself took 40 days. The team of 10 members left from Ushuaia on Feb. 7, reached the Antarctic Peninsula on Feb. 13, and began preparations for the “Iceman,” which began on Feb. 22. with the 2.4 mile swim in the ice water. After that, he trudged on to the 112 mile bike ride on Antarctic glaciers. During the last portion of the Ironman, the marathon, 44 hours into the journey, Hofman was forced to take shelter due to a 93.2 mph blizzard that passed over. He stayed in the shelter for 27 hours before being able to finish the marathon and complete the Ironman, according to

Due to dangerous weather conditions, the “Iceman” took Hofman 72:54:09 to complete. The team returned to Ushuaia on March 10 before heading back to his home city of Copenhagen, all according to

The entire journey was documented and has been in the works for two years. On April 18, 2022, the first official trailer for the documentary was released on the YesTheory YouTube channel. There is yet to be an official release date, but it is expected to be released later this year.