A Cry For Help

Scientists are being arrested for speaking out about climate change


Photo by Stefan Müller, Wikimedia Commons

A climate change protester is arrested during a blockade of the Berlin airport.

On April 6, 2022, scientists were arrested for peacefully protesting against climate change. The protest began after the United Nations released a climate report that upset a large number of scientists around the world. The desire to protest quickly grew, and one organization became more known for their actions against climate change: the Scientist Rebellion. This group consists of scientists worldwide who advocate for the world to treat climate change like an emergency, according to scientistrebellion.com. This past month, over 1,000 of them from every corner of the world participated in this protest, chaining themselves to banks, blocking roadways and lobbying outside of government buildings, all according to 12news.com.

As this protest occurred globally, only a few scientists actually got arrested. Many of those who were arrested were later released, only to continue protesting stronger than before. One scientist in particular, Rose Ambroff, was arrested on April 6 with six others, released two days later, then returned to the protest with an even larger group. Ambroff was arrested again, all according to scientificamerican.com.

Another group of scientists was arrested in Los Angeles because they handcuffed themselves onto the entrance poles of a Chase Bank, which is a corporation known for supporting oil companies. Only four scientists participated in this protest, yet nearly 100 police officers arrived at the scene to arrest them, all according to indy100.com.

It is unknown whether these protests will continue and whether more scientists will be arrested, however the Scientist Rebellion group has grown dramatically due to the publicity of these events. More information on the group and donations for the cause can be found by visiting scientistrebellion.com.