Different Types of Masks v. Protection Against COVID-19

How Different Masks Affect your Protection Against COVID-19

Natalia Reyes showing the mask shes wears.

Homemade Masks: Homemade masks have better protection if everyone is wearing one, but depending on how they were made they could be more or less effective. Some materials that work best with homemade masks are two pieces of fabric with one or two filters in between the fabrics. With homemade masks the less amount of filters the less protective they can be. “I feel like homemade masks are better than not wearing anything, but they do not protect the person wearing the mask or others around them as much as other masks do,” junior Logan Taylor said.

Disposable Masks: Disposable masks have not been proven to protect you against COVID-19 since there is rarely a second filter system, mayoclinic.org provided. Disposable masks are better than not wearing a mask at all because it is at least filtering out some particles. “I feel like my mask isn’t so much protecting me from getting COVID-19, but I do believe that it does protect others from getting sick while at school,” freshman Natalia Reyes said.

N-95 Mask: The N-95 mask filters in the air you breathe, but not the air you exhale. Meaning it only protects you not others. It is called the N-95 because it filters out 95% of the air you breathe in, according to mayoclinic.org. N-95 masks are also rarely available unless someone is working in a health care position. “The research shows that the N-95 mask is more protective than most masks I’ve researched because I was concerned for the safety of my students this year. It filters the air you breathe which makes me feel better about teaching,” English teacher Mrs. O’Connor said. “I’m all about protecting my students, and if this is the best way, then that is what I will do for my students’ safety.”

Store-Bought Cloth Masks: Store-bought cloth masks can be protective depending on how many layers of fabric were put into them. For example, two sheer pieces of fabric may not be enough to protect yourself and others from the air you breathe in and out. “I think my mask protects me since we have gone to school for four weeks, and I have not experienced symptoms of Covid-19, but I cannot speak for everyone who wears a cloth mask,” sophomore Julianna Kuhlmann said.

Air Vented Masks: These masks include an air vent on the side or sides not quite like the N-95 mask. These masks can be made at home or purchased in local stores. Like the N-95 mask, they do not protect others from the air you breathe out. “I feel like my mask is doing a pretty good job with protection, and I just want everyone to be happy and healthy at school, so whatever we need to do I’m willing to do it,” sophomore Noel Nunfaron said.