A Season of Theatre

Looking into the upcoming shows at The Muny


Photo by Josh Gornet

A sunset at the Muny.

In 2023, the Muny will be celebrating its 105th year of performing musical/theatrical productions outdoors. With seven different shows, there is a lot to unravel about these performances.

The first musical, “Beautiful: The Carole King Musical,” will happen from June 12-18. This production allows people to follow a famous musician, Carole King, and the journey of her musical path, according to muny.org. Make sure to get a seat and listen along to the life of a star.

The next performance will be Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” from June 22-30. This has a tendency to bring up childhood memories. Everyone will be able to follow along with the classic characters, Belle, the Beast and more, according to ksdk.com. This is one adults and children all can enjoy.

Through July 5-11, “Chess” will be on stage. As the name suggests, this story is about the game. It takes place during a chess championship in the middle of the Cold War, according to muny.org. Watching this musical can help learn more about chess and the war.

A musical that is based on the popular Shakespeare story, “Romeo and Juliet”, will be performed on July 15-21. This story is known as “West Side Story” where two souls have fallen in love yet cannot be together due to a rivalry, according to ksdk.com.

A spooky production of “Little Shop of Horrors” will be performed on July 25-31. This horror production will have comedy as a boy tries to get with the love of his life. Yet there seems to be a man-eating plant that adds in the spooky elements, according to muny.org.

The musical “Rent” is being put on stage from Aug. 4-10. Onlookers of this show will experience New York in the 1980s as a group of friends face their individual struggles in the course of their lives. Listening along to the intense music within, this show conveys the lesson of survival to the audience, according to ksdk.com.

The last production of the year will be “Sister Act” on Aug. 14-20. This comedic musical follows the main character, Deloris, trying to reach her dreams, according to ksdk.com.

This year’s tickets will be on sale on March 20 and to see the variety of seat pricings, visit the Muny’s website, according to muny.org.