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Apple gives customers the ability to fix their own devices.

Apple announced a Self Service Repair which allows all customers, if comfortable, to fix their own devices. Historically, if a customer wanted their device fixed, they had to take it to an Apple store or another repair provider. Now, Apple users have the option to do it themselves from home, according to

The corporation will begin selling the materials needed to fix an Apple device on their online store, where customers can then return their old parts for recycling purposes and will receive credit toward their purchase. A training manual is also provided to coach customers on the process, according to However, the company cautions that do-it-yourself repairs are only for people with the knowledge and experience, according to

A battle for self service rights has been an ongoing problem for a long time against large, technological companies. Consumers have made the argument that they should have the option to fix devices that they own, according to

Jeff Williams, Chief Operating Officer of Apple, believes that giving greater access to genuine parts gives customers more freedom when a service is needed. In addition, Apple has nearly doubled the number of service locations with access to these materials, all according to

The project will focus on the most used iPhone features, such as the display, battery and camera. The first devices available for self service will be the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 lineups. They are expected to soon be followed by Mac computers, all according to

This Self Service Repair program will begin to release in many countries in late 2022. Customers will join more than five thousand Apple Authorized Service Providers in repairing their devices. Apple claims to have been working for years to provide more suppliers with genuine materials and make repairs more accessible, all according to