Bops and Bangers

The ultimate guide to creating a playlist

Music playlists can be used in a variety of ways, whether it be showing appreciation for a friend or setting the mood for relaxation. These simple steps will have anyone on their way to making a perfect playlist.

One of the most important qualities of a great playlist is length. Playlists that are only 45 minutes may lack variety, as there are not many songs to listen to. Then again, overshooting is also a problem to be reminded of, so try keeping it under 10 hours. Having a playlist that is between two and five hours long is ideal.

Photo by Abby Sneed

The second step is having a consistent genre. The songs in the playlist need to flow smoothly, so that the audience does not get confused. For example, a playlist that skips from a soft, happy song to a loud and angry song is not going to be very good. However, if the playlist has a consistent tone throughout, it flows smoother and the audience can understand the vibe.

Thirdly, pick a theme that makes sense. The theme is a situation or scenario that the playlist is made for. It should go hand in hand with the songs in the playlist. Bringing back the example of soft and happy songs, a good theme for that playlist would be a picnic playlist or walking around the neighborhood. A theme can be anything ranging from Christmas songs to date night, so long as the songs chosen fit said theme.

The fourth and final step, good presentation. Presentation includes the title, cover photo and description of the playlist. Depending on what platform is used, some of these features may be unavailable. The title of the playlist should reflect the theme. For the picnic playlist, it could just be titled “Picnic Playlist,” but if a more creative title is desired, something like “Strawberries & Sunsets.” The cover photo of a playlist should have something to do with the theme and songs included that really sets up the mood of the playlist. A photo for the picnic playlist would be a sunset or a picture of a picnic set up. Finally, the description. Descriptions of playlists are not really needed, nor are they mandatory. However, if one is wanted, it should correlate with the theme. This could be an inspirational quote, or just a phrase.

Photo by Abby Sneed

There it is: a brilliant playlist, great songs and an aesthetically pleasing cover photo. Now it is ready to be heard by family, friends and many more.

Photo by Abby Sneed