The Festival of the Summer

A rundown on Lollapalooza 2021

One of the stages that can be seen at Lollapalooza.

Hosted in Chicago, Lollapalooza is a music festival that music lovers like to attend. The artists that perform are mostly affiliated with rhythm and blues, rap and pop music. More than 350,000 people attend this festival so they can see their favorite artists.

“I did like the artists at Lollapalooza this year,” senior Sierra Ball said. “The headliners and other performers change every year. We wanted to pick a day that had a good mix of what we listen to. My favorite artist was Tyler the Creator. He is someone I listen to almost every day, and his stage presence is amazing.”

The environment is something that is very energetic and gets everyone’s energy up. There are multiple stages so that many artists can be performing at the same time. The festival is four days long and filled with many different artists. Spectators can buy one-day tickets or ticket packages for all four days.

Schneider posing in front of the Lollapalooza stage (Photo provided by Abigail Schneider)

“It is really amazing. It is something I can continue to talk about on and on for so long,” senior Abigail Schneider said. “There is just so much that happens, and that is going on all at once. From the artists that perform, songs sung, the people there and crowds, the outfits, food, city view, etc. It is all just amazing.”

Lollapalooza was described as the biggest music festival in the world this year, with over 385,000 attendees according to, according to Many people love going back each year to see all of the different artists that are new or the ones that keep coming back.

“I am planning on going again in the future because it is a super fun trip to take up to Chicago with friends, and seeing live music is always a good time,” Ball said.

Another stage that can be found at Lollapalooza (Photo by Abigail Schneider)